Sticker Design

digital illustration of a retro computer with a green screen and a pixelated onion on a sticker background

Final graphic for a sticker design for the band ‘Onion Machine’ of a retro computer with a pixelated onion on the screen.

Rough sketch of a retro computer with an onion on the screen
Guide lines and perspective grid of a sketch of a computer
Lineart of a retro computer on a blue background

Initially for this project which in addition to this sticker also included an illustration for an album cover, I met with the client to go over ideas. We did some concepts and thumbnails on paper and worked out what aspects he wanted included in the design. After that I started in with a rough sketch of the concept we had landed on. I then prepared a perspective grid and created some structures to build off of. I used the structure markings to guide where I was putting the final lines for the finished lineart.

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