Santiam Street Food Identity

Santiam street food logo in black and white of a bear in a circle with a salmon in it's mouth

This is the final logo I created for an Identity concept created for the LBCC culinary arts food truck named ‘Santiam Street Food’. For this design I started with traditional sketches, then moved them into procreate for refinement. Once I chose a direction from my initial concepts I built the rest of the logo in Adobe Illustrator.

sheet of sketches for santiam street food logo featuring a combination of bears, blackberries, and fish in both regular and inverted colorways of black and white

Two early concepts and some additional graphic sketches to go along with the final identity. I ended up using the blackberry branches as part of the design for the vehicle wrap. The clients had requested hops and a Pacific Northwest vibe as elements they wanted included.

side by side of a man in a grey shirt wearing a black apron with a white logo of a bear with a fish that says santiam street food and a black and white menu layout for santiam street food

In addition to the logo I also created a potential menu layout and an apron design. I used Adobe Photoshop to overlay the logo on the black apron and I used Adobe InDesign to lay out the menu.

black food truck with white blackberries and a santiam street food logo with a bear eating a salmon on it parked in a driveway in front of green trees

The Identity and additional graphics in context Photoshopped onto the actual LBCC food truck.

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