Book Cover Illustration

Prince caspian the chronicles of narnia book cover design in context of books

A final mock up of a book cover illustration project. I chose to do The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I worked through a lot of different layouts for this project after completing the illustration. The most challenging aspect of this was definitely incorporating the type and title in a visually appealing way. I started early with sketches of the cover art and worked from there. I desired to go with a light green background and simple one color art for this to mimic the style of older cloth bound books.

rough black and white sketches of prince caspian from the chronicles of narnia
clean black and white sketch of prince caspian from the chronicles of narnia leaning against an invisible wall and looking at a horn on the ground

Above left is a few of my early sketches and concept work. Above right is a close up of the final illustrative work for the cover.

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