Watercolor Illustration

Watercolor Illustration Watercolor illustration titled “Home for Dinner”. Done for a design composition project on narrative illustration. I sketched this initially on paper. I then took a picture of that and cleaned up the lines digitally then printed out a clean version of my sketch. I took that printed sketch and used a light box …

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Stylized photo study

Stylization Study I drew this stylized photo study from a reference I found on Pinterest. I wanted to really explore drawing people of different ages and not let myself get stuck into a box of drawing people who all look the same. This was my favorite of a set of stylized photo studies I did …

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Sticker Design

Sticker Design Final graphic for a sticker design for the band ‘Onion Machine’ of a retro computer with a pixelated onion on the screen. Initially for this project which in addition to this sticker also included an illustration for an album cover, I met with the client to go over ideas. We did some concepts …

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digital illustration of a desk with polaroids of forest spirits and old papers with information

Illustrated Infographic

Spirits of the Forest This is an Illustrated infographic project regarding forest dwelling spirits from different cultures around the globe. Digitally painted start to finish with Procreate. To begin I went through and researched many different cultures folklore and myths regarding forest dwelling spirits, fairies and monsters. I compiled a list of potential creatures I …

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A Fairy Song

A Fairy Song This Illustration was created to go along with the poem “A Fairy Song” by William Shakespeare. I created the initial sketch traditionally with pen and paper and moved it into procreate on the iPad. I traced it and moved onto a larger compositional sketch for the whole piece. After working out the …

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