Poster Design

Poster Design Poster illustration and design done as a final project for my graphic design degree. The project was a fake film festival honoring a director of our choice. I chose Jim Henson. I hand illustrated the entire poster including the text.

Fairy Habitat Illustration

Fairy Habitat Illustration Fairy habitat illustration. I wanted to create an image with a cute narrative and a message about keeping the environment clean. I was initially considering “leave no trace” or “pack it in, pack it out” but I ended up deciding to go with something a little more subtle. I landed on “Keep …

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Digital Painting

Digital Painting Digital painting of clouds, painted in Procreate. I painted this as part of a series used for website headings.

Looping Animation

Looping Mouse Animation Hand drawn frame by frame animation of a mouse I animated. Initial sketching and frame by frame animation was done in procreate and then I used Adobe Premiere Pro to put the animation together, add the foreground and background, and turn it into a GIF. Here is a few stills from the …

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About + Contact

About + Contact  My name is Sena and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Corvallis Oregon. I’m a recent graduate with a degree in visual communications, and I am a lifelong artist. I love trying all types of art and mediums but specialize in digital and traditional illustration. In my free time …

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