Absinthe Bottle and Box

photo of absinthe bottle and box in front of plant on white background

The final image of a packaging design project where I designed both a box and a bottle label for a spirit of my choice. I chose absinthe because It is a fun color and I wanted to go for a nouveau inspired look.

flat laid out absinthe bottle label design in green and gold

This is the final design for the bottle label. Using Procreate on iPad I worked up a sketch, working through many iterations. I took my final sketch and moved to adobe illustrator to construct the final piece and add in the type. 

flat box layout for absinthe bottle in green and gold with many swirls

The final box design. I also sketched this first in Procreate and moved it to adobe illustrator to finalize it. After building multiple mockups with paper, I did the final construction in thick card-stock. For both the box design and the bottle label I hand painted over the yellow lines using gold acrylic paint. 

screenshot of blender with gold absinthe spoon being modeled

Absinthe traditionally is served with a spoon and a sugar cube. I sketched a design for a butterfly themed spoon and moved it into blender to prepare it to be 3D printed. I also painted the spoon with gold acrylic to emulate the look of a metal spoon.

After completing all the packaging design work I took photographs of the bottle, the box, and the spoon together. These I edited for gallery display using Adobe Lightroom. I adjusted lighting, and fixed a few issues that I had with the physical mock up of the box. Since the physical mock ups were hand painted I also fixed a few patchy spots of paint in Photoshop.

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